Website Services

We develop Websites to meet your needs. We provide online solutions; ranging from a simple single "splash-page" through to complex multi-page sites that include your specific online business requirements and full integration with the Social Networking providers of your choice.

In all instances, the development process includes:

  • initial and ongoing consultation with the client.
  • clear and concise communication.
  • timely and agreed upon processes.

Once the scope of your project; whether it is simple or complex, has been developed, we work hard to ensure that you are fully "in the loop" throughout the process.

Website Hosting

In order to have a website that can be found on the internet, you need your website information to be stored somewhere. This information is stored on a Website Server - we are able to provide a Website Server on which your website can be stored and available to the public to find on the internet.

A Website Hosting package can be designed to suit your requirements, but here is some very important information about our service:

99.9% Server Uptime
We are committed to ensuring that your website is available to your target audience. The server on which your website is hosted is monitored 24/7. If a problem does occur, it is very quickly rectified.

Email Hosting
Included in your website hosting package are eMail addresses - why use a generic email address when you can have one that is tied to your domain name. For example: ..... a much more professional option.

If your hosting requirements change, you have the ability to upgrade or downgrade your Hosting Package.

Website Hosting package prices start at $150 per year and are dependant on the amount of storage space required and the volume of traffic that your website receives.

Domain Name Registration

In order to have a website, several processes need to occur. These are:

Domain Registration
All websites need an “address”. Typically, this address will look something like; This address is called a “domain name” and must be registered with an external authority.

The shorter the better! It is best if your Domain Name is recognisable as, and clearly linked to the organisation being represented by the website. If possible, protect your business name by registering a range of the common domain name extensions. (.com,, .net etc).

Kesamo will manage the Domain Registration process for you. Once registered, the Domain Names are legally owned by you, but be aware that all domain name registrations are subject to availability and registration rules.